No Up Front Deposit Required

Casino Software

In addition to providing bookmakers with services that make their job easier, a Pay Per Head service can also allow the independent bookie the ability to create new profit centers that would have been impossible just a few years ago. One of the most potentially lucrative is online and live casino offerings. Before the advent of the Internet and related technological advances, running a full service casino was simply out of reach for all but the biggest gambling companies. It required a huge investment in infrastructure and employees just to offer the most basic casino gambling software services. It was not only very labor intensive, but required full time oversight to make sure it was being run properly.

Fast forward to today—Pay Per Head services allow bookmakers to offer their clientele a professionally designed and managed online and live dealers casino gambling experience 24 hours a day. These casino gambling platforms are seamlessly integrated with the sports betting product and require no transfer of balance or other funding headaches. They are also integrated with online payment processors, allowing your clients to deposit funds without your direct involvement.

While profit sharing arrangements have been the traditional method of partnering with an offshore casino service, it isn’t always a good fit for an independent bookmaker. One big problem is unpredictable cash flow. Also under the profit sharing arrangement it just doesn’t make good fiscal sense to provide casino gaming services to some clients.

For that reason our Pay Per Head services offer casino gambling options charged at a flat fee on a sliding scale based on the number of players. This allows a greater degree of client control for bookmakers and eliminates most of the problems of offering such a service. Like the Pay Per Head sports betting component, this allows the bookmaker to focus on marketing and growing his business.

Our Pay Per Head services offer a first rate gambling experience with no download, flash based games available in a wide range of languages and currencies. In addition to the usual assortment of casino games there are networked bingo games with big jackpots available—while bingo is usually thought of as having a predominantly female clientele our research has discovered that sports book players often purchase tickets in advance for the big jackpot games. This is another way to tap into a new gambling market and yet another profit center for your business.

If you want to take your business to the ‘next level’ offering a complete casino gambling experience is a great way to do it.