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There are few companies in the betting industry that are the pioneers of online betting platforms.

The advantage of these companies is that they have accumulated great experience and knowledge of what bookies need over the years.

As a result, these companies have designed some of the most potent Pay Per Head platforms and infrastructures.

In fact, thanks to the services of these companies, bookies can grow their betting operations and can reach a much larger customer base. is one of the oldest, most stable, and reputable companies in the betting industry.

About the Company

PayPerHead started operations in 1997, designing software that will allow bookies to organize their work and simply streamline their operations.

Over the years, they added agent-controlled wagering limits, line moving, adjusting spreads, and money lines. They also provide player action alerts and their own unique online system for payments.

Today the company continues to innovate and add new features and services to help bookmakers scale their betting businesses.

The company has the backing of 15,000 agents who are currently using their proprietary software and with over 75,000 satisfied players.


Their software improvements are all about making life easier for bookies.

The goal of PayPerHead is that bookies can serve a more significant number of players without becoming overwhelmed or overworked.

The software provides access to 80 sports leagues to suit any player’s tastes, with in-game and props betting. Also, they have premium and 3D digital casino games, along with 2 live dealers to keep your players entertained at any time, day or night.

Through its patented True Wager technology, along with pre-game betting, your players have hundreds of betting options in-game with props and parlays.

The PayPerHead infrastructure allows you to create a complete betting site with everything you need. In addition, all the tools and platforms are designed to help bookies obtain the highest profits from each client.

For example, PayPerHead’s own payment platform can manage customer payments and collections much faster, which increases your cash flow.

Through this provider’s powerful infrastructure, you will be able to have complete control over everything that happens in your betting business and with a few clicks you will be able to manage everything related to your clients and their bets.

Price and Promotions

PayPerHead has two pricing plans. The standard plan costs $ 10.99 per head.

The Prime plan costs $ 12.99 per head and includes TrueWager technology and a branded website.

The company usually runs promotions in which it lowers the prices of its plans by up to $ 3 per head.

However, the prices can be a bit high for bookies who have a small betting operation despite the promotions.

Final Word

PayPerHead is one of the most experienced and reputable companies in the betting industry.

Their products and services are of high quality, and regularly they present improvements or updates to them.

The cost of this provider may be a bit high compared to others, but the truth is that the quality of their products and services is worth them. However, several providers offer almost the same for a lower cost.

In any case, if you take advantage of the promotion of $ 3 per head, you can save a few dollars for a couple of months.