Let Customer Service Improve Your Sportsbook

High-end customer service will set your online sportsbook apart from the big boys.

Key Points

– Customer service in any business starts at the top.

– The user experience is ultimately what helps bookies retain customers.

Great Customer Service is a Must

With the rise of sports betting globally, the number of private bookmakers is increasing. The pay per head market has given the small independent bookie the ability to compete with the big boys in the industry.

In a market flush with choices, bettors are faced with buying decisions and, essentially, those decisions are decided by two things – price and customer experience. 

Price is a big deal for bettors that shop for the best lines, but that isn’t the recreational bettor. That bettor isn’t going to spend time looking for -107 instead of -110 on a bet. Ultimately then, it’s all about the customer experience. That is why you should let customer service improve your sportsbook.

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Offer Service From All Levels

At every level of your operation, customer service should be a priority. Whether you are a larger operation or not, serving customers is the top priority.

That excellent service should be modeled by everyone in your operation.

Employees should treat other employees as they would customers. Outstanding service starts at the top and results in a great customer experience.


Customer Service with a Smile

Since you don’t interact on a personal level with customers, you have to add a personal touch. Communicating with customers on a regular basis is a key too. Email is a great way to stay engaged with your bettors.

When your customers respond to emails, you need to listen to them and respond accordingly. When responding, add those personal touches like using the customer’s name in all correspondence. You can even set yourself apart from the competition by using live chat to connect more with your customers.

Sportsbook Organization

The way your sportsbook is organized online will play a huge role in your success (or lack of success). If you have items that are hard to find, bettors will tire easily and look for a different solution. That means they will find another sportsbook that makes it easy.

If there are issues in navigating your online sportsbook, you can bet there will be issues in customer churn. You don’t want to lose customers and, even better, you would like to attract more. The overall customer experience is one of the best ways to keep your current customers and attract new ones.

Make sure your sportsbook is organized in a way that makes it easy for your players. Also, make sure your contact form and/or online chat is easy to get to for a customer with a question. Your sportsbook software for bookies provider should have everything in place for you.

The VIP Treatment

Any customer of any business wants to feel like they are being wooed. They want to be appreciated and treated as special. 

We have all seen advertisements for cell phone service or satellite TV service. They offer all these great incentives for new customers. What do they offer to their current customers?

There is nothing wrong with incentives to get prospective customers to become paying customers, but you should think about offering even better incentives to your loyal customers. Introduce a loyalty program or some sort of customer appreciation event. This will make your current customers feel more appreciated and, as a result, they will be more likely to remain customers.

Ask Your Customers

Bookies can improve their customer service by simply asking customers what it is they would like. With today’s online technology, it’s easy to put together a survey and send it out via email to all of your current customers. 

You can even tie an incentive to completing the survey. Offer a free $5 bet in exchange for the customer filling out the survey. Customers feel appreciated, they feel like their opinion matters, and they feel like they are being heard.

The key then is to act on whatever the survey results suggest. Act on as many ideas as possible and watch your sportsbook grow and prosper.

Bottom Line With Customer Service

The bottom line with your sportsbook’s customer service is simply this – either it’s important to you or it’s not. You either care about the quality of your customer service or you do not care.

If it is indeed important, you and your employees will focus on providing outstanding service to your customers. Doing so typically produces outstanding results. Customers feel appreciated and valued and, when they do, they continue to buy. That, of course, is the goal. 

Successful businesses around the world take care of their customers. It’s no different in the sports betting industry. If you want buyers to come back and purchase again, stay engaged, communicate often, make it personal, make customers feel like VIPs, listen to your customers, and reap the benefits of a successful sportsbook.