Sportsbook Software for Bookies

Sportsbook software will take care of everything for bookies

Key Points

– Pay per head sportsbook software has helped to transform the sports betting industry.

– There are key factors bookies should look for when searching for sportsbook software.

Sportsbook Software for Bookies

In the U.S. last year, sports bettors wagered roughly $100 billion. Sports betting is becoming more mainstream as 32 U.S. states now have some form of legal sports gambling.

As it becomes more popular, more entrepreneurs are jumping into the fire and starting their own sportsbooks. That has been made possible by huge improvements in software technology.

Sportsbook software for bookies is now easily accessible and affordable for those interested in running their own sportsbook. Small, independent bookies can now compete with the big boys. Here’s how.

Pay Per Head

The idea of pay per head has really helped to revolutionize the industry. The concept is simple. Pay per head companies offer a number of services. Bookies pay a fee for those services based on the number of players.

If a bookie runs his operation and has 10 active bettors, he will pay a “per head” fee for each of those 10 active players. The industry standard is $10.

Pay per head, or PPH, services offer bookies a pre-packaged, turnkey, plug-and-play solution. The entire operation of the sportsbook is automated. Quality PPH software solutions are key to a successful private bookmaker business.

Players can access a professionally designed betting website at any time and take care of all of their betting business. They can check lines, deposit funds, place bets, and more. 

The website makes the independent bookie look like any other major sportsbook in the industry. The software runs the sportsbook and frees up massive amounts of time for the bookie.

Finding a PPH

With the increase in popularity of sports betting, there has been an equal reaction in the pay per head industry. There are more companies out there offering PPH services.

Bookies interested in starting their own sportsbook – or existing bookies looking to make a switch – should look for certain features when deciding on a pay per head provider.

Safety and security are big factors. The best in the industry run state of the art software that protects the personal and financial information of bettors. 

The betting board is another key. As a bookie in the industry, you have to offer bettors options. When partnering with a pay per head service, you need one that offers a wide variety of bets across a large number of sports, leagues, etc. If you have what it takes to become a bookie, look into a price per head service. 

Sportsbook Software Does It All

Many PPH services will include casino games as well as a racebook. There are sports bettors out there that love to bet the horses. If you provide it, the bettors will come. In-game betting is a growing trend in sports wagering. With the right service, you can offer live betting options to your players.

Prospective bookies should do some research and read reviews of different pay per head companies. Learn more about their customer service.

One of the great features of a PPH is the customer service call center. Bookies are backed by a fully staffed call center that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The call center can take care of any issue. 

This frees up large amounts of time for bookies. They can then spend that time investing in their business, marketing it, and bringing in new customers. 

In today’s market, the average bookie now has a great chance at success by simply choosing the best sportsbook software.