What It Takes to Become a Bookie

Become a bookie today, it’s never been easier.

Key Points

– Prospective agents need a few things before they are ready to become a full-time bookie.

– Becoming a bookie today is much easier than it was in the past.

Why Become a Bookie

So you want to be a bookie?

If you have a passion for sports betting, making the move to run your own sportsbook has never been easier.

The rise in popularity of sports betting paired with giant leaps in betting software technology have opened doors that previously were unavailable. 

If you are thinking about making the leap into the industry, you will first need to consider what it takes to be a bookie.

Cash on Hand

It really doesn’t take much to get started as a bookie these days. But having cash on hand, especially at the very beginning, can help ensure your success as you begin.

There is no number set in stone for aspiring bookies to have. It will come down to the number of players a bookie has and how much they bet.

If you have 20 to 30 players right off the bat and some of these guys are $100, $500, or even $1000 bettors. The size of your cash reserves might need to be higher than the bookie catering to casual bettors. 

If you have some big early wins, you would need to be prepared to payout to those winners. With more recreational bettors wagering $5 and $10 per game, you can probably get away with having a couple hundred bucks on hand.

Don’t worry about all these numbers though. Your pay per head shop will take care of all that.

Find a PPH Service

You have some choices as a bookie. You can actually have a physical location or you can opt to go the online route. 

Bettors these days prefer to engage in one of their favorite activities from just about anywhere. That’s why online sports betting has become the wave of the current and of the future.  

Since most bookies are not webmasters, you’ll need to find a pay per head service to partner with. Pay per head, or PPH, companies can help a bookie automate his service to his customers.

If you didn’t know, you know now. Local bookies boom with the right PPH.

Look Bigger Than You Are –  Become a Bookie

Bookies receive a professionally designed website – and oftentimes an app – that players go to and take care of all their betting needs. They can take care of their banking, check odds and lines, and place bets, of course.

PPH services also offer a fully staffed customer service call center. When bettors have an issue, they call your customer service department which is actually your pay per head company providing you that service. It’s a huge time saver.

For all of these services offered, bookies pay a flat per head fee. The standard in the industry is $10 per head per week. If you have 10 players and eight of them were active in placing bets that week, you would pay a fee of $80.

Finding the right pay per head is one of the most important decisions a bookie makes. Having some cash reserves and choosing a solid PPH service to partner with, it is entirely possible to become a successful bookie.Maybe you’re already a private bookmaker, but aren’t satisfied. Switching pay per head services has never been easier.