Can You Make Money as a Pay Per Head Bookie?

Technology has transformed the way you can earn money.

Today we see Youtubers, influencers, drop-shippers, eSports players, among others, earn millions of dollars a year.

All these new millionaires have in common that they have taken advantage of technology to bring their products and content to global audiences.

In the world of betting, some bookies have managed to take advantage of technological tools and trends to grow their businesses and their profits.

These bookies have relied on Pay Per Head providers to digitize their operations and create a global gambling entertainment business.

Despite the success these bookies have had, many people wonder, Can you really make money as a Pay Per Head Bookie?

It is not surprising that many still have doubts about whether you can make money as a Pay Per Head Bookie.

Since there are many myths and misunderstandings around the figure of bookies and the betting businesses.

Next, we present an analysis that will try to answer the question: Can you earn money as a Pay Per Head Bookie?

It is important to clarify that the following analysis is done from the perspective of a Bookie that has a good Pay Per Head provider.

If you don’t know what is a Pay Per Head provider, we recommend reading this article.


Many people doubt that good money can be made as a Pay Per Head Bookie, as they associate gambling businesses with illicit activities.

The truth is that being a Pay Per Head Bookie has been and will continue to be legal.

In the case of the USA, for more than 20 years it has been legal to place bets through an offshore operator.

Knowing these laws, Pay Per Head companies were located in countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, and some Caribbean islands.

The fact that Per Head providers operate from those countries allows the bookies to establish offshore operations without problems.

In 2017 gambling began to be legalized throughout the United States; all that it did was further legitimize the Pay Per Head Bookies business.

Like the USA, many other countries have legalized gambling.

So that in more and more territories of the world, being a bookie is no longer synonymous of being a criminal.

Today’s bookies are entrepreneurs and businessmen.

It is important to clarify legality, since as we mentioned, many associated gambling businesses with illicit activities; therefore they thought that to access the business’s profits, they had to resort to methods outside the law.

The truth is that Pay Per Head Bookies do not have to resort to strange methods to access their earnings.

In fact, they have many ways to use and manage their money, such as electronic wallets, cryptocurrencies, bank accounts, among others—all 100% legal.

Business model

To determine if you can earn money as a Pay Per Head Bookie, we have to analyze how the business model works and its costs.

The business model of a Pay Per Head Bookie works by offering betting lines to players so that they can place bets on a team or result in a given game.

Once the game is over, the bookie has to collect the players who lost the bet and paying those who won.

The difference between what the bookie should collect from the losers and pay the winners is where the business’s profit is.

The bookie also takes a small commission on the amount that must be paid to the winning bettors.

As a result, the bookie earns income from both the winning and losing players.

When it comes to costs, Pay Per Head Bookies have very low operating costs.

The low operating costs are due to the fact that Pay Per Head companies provide bookies with all the tools and platforms they need to operate their business.

Pay Per Head providers charge very low prices, from $ 7 per head.

Also, Pay Per Head companies only charge for active players.

So the bookie only pays for the players who actually used the service and generate cash flow.

Finally, Pay Per Head companies offer bookies the option of creating alternative sources of income through casino games and horse racing tracks.

As a result, bookies can diversify their business. And serve different types of clients and all under a highly accessible cost scheme.

Thanks to Pay Per Head providers, bookies can operate and maintain a profitable and competitive betting business.

Profits and business management

The Pay Per Head Bookies then have a profitable and legal business model, but how does that translate into profits?

Besides providing the bookie with the betting lines, casino games, and other elements that they will offer to their clients. The Pay Per Head companies also facilitates them with the tools to manage their business.

Thanks to Pay Per Head companies, bookies have powerful software from which they can fully manage and control their business.

The betting software allows the bookie to activate or deactivate customer accounts, establish credit limits, move betting lines, manage payments and collections, among other things.

Bookies who use betting software correctly can automate much of their work, spending most of their time looking for new clients.

Proper business management is the key for it to grow and generate profits.

A bookie with good Pay Per Head software is capable of generating between 6 and 10 times more income than a bookie that does not have a Pay Per Head platform.

Potential income

Thanks to Pay Per Head companies, Bookies do not need a large volume of customers to generate good income.

For example, let’s look at the case of a bookie with 20 active clients per month in a 12-month period.

Number of customers: 20
Average revenue per customer: $ 800 – (Based on a scenario where customers bet between $ 1000 to $ 2000 per month).
Total income per month: $ 16,000
Total income in 12 months: $ 192,000

As we can see, with a small customer base, it is possible to generate a six-figure income in one year.

Not all bookies are capable of generating this amount of income; there are factors such as bankroll, the type of bettors, the quality of the betting lines, and the business’s general management that determine the business’s income.

Bookies with a good Pay Per Head provider have a better chance of generating these larger incomes and grow their business faster.


In conclusion, you can make money as a Pay Per Head Bookie, but you have to take the job of being a bookie seriously to do so.

You must also have the correct Pay Per Head provider. And make the most of the tools and platforms that it provides to manage the betting business.

There are no shortcuts or easy ways to make money. But in the case of Bookies the Pay Per Head companies have created a set of services that turns the gambling business into a money-making machine.

The gambling industry is booming, so this is the best time to get into the industry.