What to look for and where to find the best betting software on the market?

Betting software is the heart of any betting business.

For example, the betting industry’s big brands like Bodog, Pinnacle or Betonline, spend large sums of money creating their own betting software.

Due to the size of their businesses and the number of gamblers these large companies cater to, they cannot take the issue of betting software lightly.

This year alone, some companies have invested more than $ 100,000,000 in updating and improving their betting software.

As a result of these massive capital investments in betting software, many independent bookies wonder if they can keep up and compete with these big companies.

Independent bookies should not be intimidated by big companies. Thanks to the offshore PPH Sportsbook also known as Pay Per Head providers, they can access high-quality betting software at very low costs.

The key to finding good betting software is knowing what and where to look for it since the Pay Per Head providers’ offer is extensive, with more than 1000 companies currently active.

On the hunt for the best betting software

Before embarking on the adventure of finding the best betting software on the market, it is essential to know what to look for.

Below we list the most important features bookies should look for in betting software.

User interface

The bookie will spend 90% of his time working with the betting software. For this reason, the software must have a friendly user interface.

A friendly user interface will allow the bookie to learn to use the software and all its functions faster.

A good user interface will also help the bookie do his work much faster and with few clicks.

The best betting software on the market has user interfaces that anyone can use without any complications.

Some bookies ignore this point when choosing a betting software and end up frustrated because they cannot use all of its features.

Betting catalog

Through the betting software, the bookie can access the Pay Per Head provider’s betting catalog.

The best Pay Per Head providers on the market offer three main categories in their catalogs:

Sportsbook – Betting lines

Pay Per Head providers has a staff of oddsmakers responsible for calculating and designing betting lines for leagues and sports worldwide.

On average, the bookie will be able to access more than 80 leagues and sports from all over the world.

For all these leagues and sports, the bookie will obtain betting lines that he can offer to gamblers.

Oddsmakers make sure that the betting lines are attractive to bettors and are also profitable for the bookie.
With so many sports and league options, the bookie will serve a wide variety of bettors and be able to take his betting business to various markets.

Casino games

For a gambling business to be profitable and compete with the big brands in the industry, it must have a good selection of casino games.

Sportsbook revenue is seasonal, growing during big events like the SuperBowl and decreasing at seasonal breaks.

Casino games are a great way to keep your gambling business cash flow steady throughout the year.

Also, casino games are an excellent hook to attract new customers.


Horse racing is another great way to keep your gambling business income stable.

The sport of horses has action all year round, and Pay Per Head providers provide access to the world’s main tracks.

A racebook is the perfect option to complement a betting business’s services and create an attractive offer for bettors.

Bookies can choose different leagues, sports, casino games, and horse racing tracks to build their betting business.

Thanks to the extensive betting catalogs of Pay Per Head providers, bookies can create a betting business with an offering similar to the big brands in the industry.

Management and reporting tools

Betting software should make life easier for the bookie. Therefore, you must have management tools to control what happens in the business.

For example, one of the tools most used by bookies is the betting limit tool. Through this tool, bookies can establish the amount limit that a bettor can place in a sport or game.

Thanks to this tool, the bookie can protect his business and limit bets to an amount within what he can cover with his bankroll.

Other management tools aimed at protecting the business are real-time alerts. Through these alerts, the bookie will be notified when something out of the ordinary happens in the business.

Finally, the most critical management tool is the reports.

Through the reports, the bookie will know in detail everything that happens on his betting site.

Thanks to the reports, you can determine betting patterns, gaming trends, and the business’s financial status.

The reports allow the bookie to make strategic decisions. For this reason, you should look for betting software that has a robust reporting tool.

Other aspects to consider

A betting software’s main features are the user interface, the betting catalog, and the management tools.

But other features are very important, and that although they are not directly from the betting software, they are near related to its operation.

Support structure

The support structure refers to mechanisms that Pay Per Head companies implement to guarantee the continuity of services.

For example, suppose a major power outage affects the city where Pay Per Head’s company offices are located. With no electricity, the company’s servers are down, which means that the betting business doesn’t work either.

To avoid this type of problem, Pay Per Head companies use 2 or 3 layer backing systems.

These backup systems work by placing servers in different cities or countries.

Thanks to having servers in different places on the planet, if a severe problem such as a natural disaster affects the primary server, the second server immediately goes live.

Pay Per Head companies also employ mechanisms to ensure continuity of communications.

The most reliable and widely used mechanism is 3-way redundancy.

3-way redundancy means that telephone, satellite, and VOIP communication systems are used in parallel to ensure that communication will never be lost.

In addition to backup servers and 3-way redundancy, Pay Per Head companies also implement software and hardware protocols to protect bookies and bettors’ data.

Firewalls, data replication, and a surveillance staff 24 hours a day are some of the protocols that the best Pay Per Head companies in the market have.

Thanks to these protocols, both bookies and bettors can rest assured that their private information will not be accessed or stolen by malicious third parties.

Where to find the best betting software on the market

Once we are clear about the most important aspects that a betting software should have. The question that arises is: Where to find a software with all these characteristics?

As we mentioned, in the market there is several hundred Pay Per Head providers. But not all of them provide high-quality software.

Bookies should choose a reputable Pay Per Head company that has extensive experience in the betting industry.

Having extensive experience in the industry gives Pay Per Head providers, the knowledge of what bookies need and what bettors are looking for.

To choose the best Pay Per Head provider, bookies should carefully examine the service offering and test the betting software.

Only by testing the betting software can the bookie determine if that provider offers everything he needs.

Pay Per Head companies that trust their product generally offers trial periods ranging from 7 to 31 days.

During this trial period, the bookie should check that he feels comfortable with that provider’s betting software and that the features are suitable for his business.

With a little time and research, bookies can find a Pay Per Head provider that allows them to compete with the big brands in the industry.

The right Pay Per Head provider will make the bookie take the business to the next level.

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