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When you run a gambling business, you need the right staff to make the business grow.

But when you are a bookie with a small betting operation, your income may not be enough to hire a large number of qualified staff. Moreover, you are likely keeping the accounts, grading bets, and serving clients simultaneously.

If you find yourself in an impasse where your business requires more hands to expand but cannot afford to hire staff, you need a good Pay Per Head provider.

A1pph.com is price per head service with many advantages that offer a complete solution with multiple options that allow bookies to grow their business seamlessly.

About the Company

When you are talking about a gambling provider, it is extremely important to rely on the performance of the service.

A1pph creates methods to ensure a high-quality performance at all times. These steps are never called into question because they do so with discipline and strictness.

The company counts with redundancy strategies and recovery plans to ensure that nothing bad happens; it also has enough bandwidth to handle multiple domains and many players’ traffic and transactions every day.

As a result, bookies can grow their betting business without limits, as they will always have the support and infrastructure necessary to serve any number of players.


A1pph uses a range of software that offers many functions and options. They use the same as major online sportsbooks.

One of the most remarkable features of their software is reporting. It can be complicated when you want to examine what’s going on with your business activities, but these reports will provide an overall look at how things are running. They’ll also give detailed information like history, wins and losses, credit limits, and much more.

A1pph.com provides multiple line types and profiles to help you have the edge over your players and competitors. Also, sporting events all around the world are available for betting, as well as a far broader range of types of bets.

The best thing about the infrastructure that A1PPH offers is that everything is customizable. Bookies can modify almost anything. For example, they can request that lines and odds be added for specific sporting events not available in the standard catalog. As a result, bookmakers have an outstanding level of control and flexibility to take full advantage of all the functions and features that A1PPH offers.

Price and Promotions

The A1PPH.com price is one of the lowest on the market starting at $ 7. per head.

Also if you have more than 30 active players you can get a better price per head. This is because the company wants its bookies to focus on growing their business and increasing the number of active players per month. Which in the end will benefit the bottom line of the bookie.

Final Word

When looking for a solution for your bookie business, it is essential to find a quality price per head service. Choosing the right one will help and boost your business with its many functions and services.

A1pph.com provides a price per head service with many advantages, which are evident because these services offer multiple options to the gambling customer and benefits for bookies to handle their business.