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A good provider of Pay Per Head provider must be innovative and have state-of-the-art technology.

But that’s not all; an exceptional provider knows how to make the most of technology to create products and services that make bookies’ work easier.

The Pay Per Head companies that stand out the most in the industry are those that know well what the bookies’ needs are and design an infrastructure to meet those needs.

Through technical excellence, PricePerPlayer is one of the few Pay Per Head providers that has developed a high-level technological infrastructure capable of satisfying the needs of any bookie.

About the Company

Since 2013,’s been a sports betting software provider, and its staff has over 75 years of combined experience in developing products and services for bookies.

The company operates strategically from San Jose, Costa Rica, which allows it to access a large pool of talent, technology, and market conditions that benefit Pay Per Head providers.

The philosophy of the company focuses on being a true support for bookies. In other words, PricePerPlayer aims to be a strategic partner through which bookies can access everything they need to be successful.

PricePerPlayer is constantly adding new features to stay ahead of the curve.


PricePerPlayer provides comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for bookies starting out in the industry and for veterans with years of experience.

They designed their sports betting software to fit the needs of bookie operators who need an affordable platform.

The software gives you complete control over your players. Easily and with a few clicks you can set credit and betting limits. In addition, you can also establish rules for parlays, teasers, and any other type of bet.

Regarding betting options, the software has a sportsbook, casino, and racebook. Its sports catalog is extensive and covers the most important leagues in the world. One of the highlights of its catalog is the large number of soccer leagues that it offers. This is great for bookies targeting a European market.

It also has a robust live betting platform and a complete call center.

PricePerPlayer not only provides the infrastructure of betting software, but the company can also help you establish your own offshore infrastructure. This includes finding a real estate broker, obtaining a business license, banking information, and finding the right staff for your gambling company.

The company even offers you the possibility of developing your own betting software according to your needs.

Price and Promotions

PricePerPlayer services are one of the most affordable on the market since it uses a price scale according to the number of active players you have.

  • 0-99 Players $ 5.00 Per Player
  • 100 to 199 Players $ 4.50 Per Player
  • 200 to 299 Players $ 4.00 Per Player
  • 300 to 499 Players $ 3.50 Per Player
  • 500 to 699 Players $ 3.00 Per Player
  • 700 to 999 Players $ 2.50 Per Player
  • 1,000 + Players $ 2.00 Per Player

The fee per head may change depending on the options you hire. For example, if you want to develop your own betting software and establish an offshore office, it will cost you much more.

Final Word

PricePerPlayer has a unique value proposition. The company offers you almost endless possibilities to configure your betting business however you want.

Almost no other provider offers you the option of designing your own betting software, and this is great because if you have specific needs, PricePerPlayer will help you solve them.

The company has a good reputation, and its customers speak highly of their experience with this provider.

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