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In the gambling business, you need to constantly innovate to stay competitive.

The major brands in the industry invest thousands of dollars a year to stay ahead of the market trends and demands. But these companies don’t always succeed in delivering industry disruptive products and services.

In fact, some of the new players in the industry have come to change the rules and present an innovative offering of betting products and services.

BossAction is one of the new market players with a fresh, quality, and highly competitive proposal.

About the Company

The company started operations in 2019 in San Jose, Costa Rica.

While BossAction is relatively new to the industry, the company is a subsidiary of, one of the oldest and largest betting software providers.

Despite being a subsidiary, BossAction has its own identity, and although it shares some similarities with its older sister, both brands are different.

You could say that BossAction goes straight to the point; their philosophy is to keep things simple and clear. For this reason, we feel that this provider is ideal for bookies who are starting their betting business.

However, bookies have to bear in mind the price factor since the services of this provider are not cheap.


BossAction uses its own proprietary software. The company provides unique tools and platforms that you may not find on other providers by using their software.

Some of these features will improve your business and allow you to generate more income.

The software is quite robust or offers various integrations. Therefore you can easily create an online casino or a racebook. You can also integrate payment platforms with a few clicks.

In fact, BossAction has its own payment platform, so you can pay and collect from the same software. The payment solution is compatible with credit cards, debit cards, cryptos, and more. Running everything from the same platform really makes the job easier and makes running a gambling business a breeze.

The software has all the basic functions to manage customer accounts, set betting limits and alerts.

For an extra cost, you can access BossAction’s premium services. These services include a premium casino with state-of-the-art 3D games and VIP gaming tables with live dealers.

Price and Promotions

BossAction offers two service packages. The basic has a cost of $ 10.99 per head. In contrast, the Premium is at $ 12.99 per head.

Although the cost is a bit higher than other providers, the company always offers promotions. It is normal to find promotion of $ 3 per head for about three months.

It is important to note that some bookies have indicated that BossAction charges for inactive players. Therefore you should check this with them before hiring their services.

Final Word

BossAction offers a friendly and easy-to-use betting platform. We really like how simple they keep everything and the great care they take for details.

We are a bit disappointed that the customer service is not that great. The email takes a long time to be answered. If you want an immediate response, we recommend using the call center.

Price can be a put-off factor for some bookies. However, if you have a good customer base and take advantage of $ 3 per head promotion, you can enjoy a very good betting platform.